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We got the beet! (Sorry, this 80's girl couldn't resist)

Beets are a real gem! Red beets  intense color tells you they are loaded with antioxidants. They also contain lots of fiber and potassium. Golden beets, which we’ll see in the Fall, contain lots of lutein. Their earthy flavor needs to be balanced with fat and something acidic. 


The bonus is we are getting beets with their greens, which are also edible and delicious! Add them chopped to your salads or saute and finish with some balsamic vinegar. And the beet skin is so thin right now, there is NO NEED TO PEEL them. I cut off the root and the leaves with my kitchen scissors, wash off the dirt, rubbing with my hands, then boil them whole so I don’t lose that gorgeous color in the water. I slice them after cooking. 


Beets make a great meat and fish substitute. I’ve used thick beet slices in a sandwich, and cubes of beet in place of raw tuna in the Hawaiian dish, Poke. Beets love soy sauce, goat cheese and bright acidic flavors, like lemon juice and vinegar.


Farmers Market go alongs: scallions, green garlic, sugar snap peas, fresh herbs, lettuces

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