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Fall 2019

Menu of Classes



Hands-on and semi hands-on classes are noted in the description and all others are demonstration. Also, below each class description is a guide noting cuisine, diet, allergens, trends and activity level in bold italics.

Wine Pairings with Chaddsford Winery are listed below each class.

Halloween Surprise!

Thursday, October 31st,  6-8pm

I am not a fan of Halloween but I DO love a theme. I won’t rant my reasons why I don’t like this holiday but suffice to say, I would much rather spend Halloween cooking with you! The menu of this class is a surprise, just to keep it fun, and I promise it will be delicious. Here’s what I will tell you; the ingredients will be orange, white and black, the menu is plant-based, and there will be a fun and pretty Fall dessert you’ll want to make again!

Guide – vegan, wheat, vegetable forward, demonstration


Plant-Based for Everyone


“Chicken” & Waffles

Thursday September 12th, 6-8pm

Wednesday November 6th, 6-8pm

I LOVE traditional Chicken & Waffles! So I wanted to create a plant-based version I could enjoy since I don’t fry food at home and I want to enjoy those flavors in healthier form. What I love the most about fried chicken and waffles together is the salty sweet flavor combo and the textural balance – crispy fried chicken and tender, soft waffle.  I came up with a soy free, pan seared “burger” (because I don’t like the word “patty”) that has good crispiness and is flavored with the seasonings you would use for fried chicken. Additionally, the plant-based waffle has to be as delicious as a waffle with eggs and dairy. I believe I have done it! I hope you will agree. And I won’t try to come up with a parody word for chicken because I just think of this as Chicken & Waffles - parentheses around the word chicken works for me. I think you’ll like the “chicken burger” so much that you’ll use it for other meals.

Guide – vegan, wheat, demonstration

Wine pairing - Traminette is an ever-so-slightly sweet white wine, derivative of the gewürztraminer varietal


Beet “Poke” Bowl & Dark Chocolate Cake 

Wednesday September 11th, 6-8pm 

Thursday September 26th, 6-8pm + Chaddsford Wine Event (this class is $65)

This is a menu of beauty foods! All the ingredients are rich in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals that detoxify, have antiaging effects, give us glowing skin, and are anti-inflammatory. AND delicious! If you’ve been looking for a new way to enjoy your beets and make a delicious chocolate cake, this class is for you! Poke is a Hawaiian marinated fish dish. Since I am not a lover of fish, yet alone raw fish, poke is not something I make or eat. However, beet poke takes the idea of the original dish and puts it in a form I can enjoy. The idea and the title of this dish is from Jose Andres’ in his book Vegetables Unleashed. He serves his Beet “Poke” Bowl in his vegetable restaurant, Beefsteak, in Washington D.C.  I have put my own spin on this recipe because I’m me, but also to adapt it to our local ingredients. The September 26th class is a special event with Chaddsford Winery. You will sample several wines chosen to complement the menu. 

Guide – vegan, wheat, demonstration

Wine Pairing - Sauvignon Blanc, for dessert - Harbinger or Historic Hopewell Cabernet Sauvignon

Chili & Soft Pretzels

Wednesday October 2nd, 6-8pm

Thursday October 10th, 6-8pm

Healthy food for football - or just Fall weather - fans is equally tasty when made with the right ingredients. My plant-based chili will hit all the right notes with warming spices and filling vegetables. I’ll show you how easy Soft Pretzels are to make, and they freeze perfectly for later, spontaneous snacking. This is a semi hands-on class as you will help shape the soft pretzel dough.  Our pretzels will be made with Castle Valley Mill whole wheat so there won’t be any empty calories in sight. You’ll enjoy these pretzels hot out of the oven and I’m pretty sure you’ll be addicted. Feel free to bring an apron but it’s not necessary.

Guide – vegan, wheat, semi hands-on

Wine pairing - The Red Standard  

A Vegan Christmas Story

Wednesday December 4th, 6-8pm

Everyone deserves a delicious Christmas dinner and no one should be content to eat just the “side dishes”. We’ll make Farmer’s Pie, the plant-based idea of Shepherd’s Pie, with a mixture of Winter vegetables topped with luxurious mashed potatoes and oven browned. And how about a decadent dessert? We’ll also make a moist vanilla cake for our coffee soak and a vanilla cream to assemble our delicious Tiramisu. A Merry plant-based Christmas menu for all, whether you’re doing the cooking or need a dish to take for the host. 

Guide – vegan, wheat, demonstration

Wine pairing - Artisan Chardonnay and, for the tiramisu, Harbinger

Hyper-Local Flavors  - Doylestown Terroir at its finest


Grits Two Ways & Shortcakes

Wednesday September 18th, 6-8pm

Stone ground grits from Doylestown’s best kept secret, Castle Valley Mill, will be used to make delicious grits, bursting with local corn flavor, and a grits medallion, pan seared and ready to be used multiple ways. Finally, we’ll use this luxury ingredient along with Castle Valley Mill stone ground flour to make shortcakes that can be used plainly as an appetizer, breakfast treat or as a base for a more elaborate dessert. Versatility is the word for these recipes!

Guide – wheat, dairy, demonstration

Wine pairing -The White Standard, Chaddsford White or Sunset Blush


Pumpkin Ravioli and Chocolate Sabayon

Thursday October 3rd, 6-8pm

During the hands-on portion of this delicious class, you’ll roll out, shape and fill carrot flavored pasta dough. Our dough will be made with stone ground flour from our Doylestown treasure, Castle Valley Mill, and filling made from Winter Luxury Pumpkin, a variety rare to find elsewhere but is grown at None Such Farm, a few miles away. We’ll make a quick and simple “sauce” of mushrooms and onions so we’ll be able to enjoy all of the flavors of the pasta. This portion of the meal is plant-based, unless you decide to add grated cheese on top of your dish. We’ll also discuss and explore other varieties of filled pastas.  As you enjoy your pasta, I’ll show you how to make a decadent chocolate, egg based French dessert to top off our delicious evening of Fall flavors. Bring your favorite rolling pin and an apron to class.

Guide – wheat, part vegan, eggs, hands-on

Wine pairing - The White Standard or Chaddsford White, dessert -Historic Hopewell Cabernet Sauvignon or Niagara

Thanksgiving Special 

Wednesday November 13th, 6-8pm

I’ll share my best tips and ideas for the perfect Thanksgiving turkey as well as my favorite seasoning combinations. Then we’ll discuss side dishes. We’ll actually make my family’s favorite; Mashed Potato Stuffing. This dish came into my life when I met my husband and it has been with me ever since. It’s a Pennsylvania Dutch tradition, so I’m told, but we’ll elevate it to five-star quality. Then, instead of Pumpkin Pie we’ll make Sweet Potato Pie, a Southern Classic. The technique is the same for either pumpkin or sweet potato but for those that need a new twist on the menu or want to sneak in some extra nutrition into dessert, this is a no pressure way to try it. Pumpkin is very healthy on its own and I happen to be a pumpkin fanatic. Sweet potatoes, however, contain the most Vitamin A of any food available. They also contain a good amount of magnesium and iron.  Sweet Potato Pie might just be your new favorite way to get this great ingredient into your diet!  I’ll also share my pre-game and game day organization schedule to keep you on track. So, whether you are doing the cooking or need a dish to bring to your host, you’ll be ready!

Guide – meat, dairy, eggs, demonstration

Wine pairing - Artisan Chardonnay


Global Flavors


Pasta Provencal & Madelienes 

Wednesday September 25th, 6-8pm

In this hands-on class, you’ll roll out and cut your pasta in a fun ruffle edged ribbon shape. Then we’ll make a sauce with all the flavors of Provence – lemon, tomato, fennel, saffron, white wine and herbs de Provence to name a few.  Next, we’ll enjoy a French classic – Madeleines! You’ll feel transported to the French Mediterranean with these flavors, and you’ll be able to make these delicious recipes at home anytime you feel like taking a trip to France in your kitchen.

Guide – wheat, dairy, eggs, hands-on, vegetable forward

Wine pairing - Pinot Grigio, dessert - Sunset Blush or Niagra

Stuffed Cabbage Rolls - Thai Style & Kimchi Pancakes  

Wednesday October 23rd, 6-8pm

I love Thai and Korean Cuisine. Stuffed Cabbage is part of my Slovak family tradition and we use ground beef as the filling. Here I’ve chosen a fusion, if you will. We’ll take the idea of stuffed cabbage from my heritage, but we’ll use Thai ingredients and flavors. Instead of ground beef, we’ll use ground chicken seasoned with lemongrass, ginger and more. Instead of traditional green cabbage, we’ll use Napa cabbage. We’ll use another one of my favorite ingredients, kimchi, to make a delicious appetizer, Kimchi Pancakes, a savory dish that will turn you into a kimchi lover like me. Kimchi is not only delicious but so healthy for you. I’m hoping after we discuss cabbage and make these two dishes, you’ll see the incredible diversity of this ingredient. This will be a semi hands-on class. You can help me stuff and roll the cabbage leaves. Bring an apron to class.

Guide – semi hands-on, meat, seafood, vegetable forward

Wine pairing - Sauvignon Blanc and Sunset Blush

Kimchi Workshop

Thursday November 7th, 6-9pm

My friend, Sunghee, was born and raised in Korea and, like all Korean families, has her own kimchi recipe she grew up making that was passed down through generations. Sunghee will share her family recipe with us and show us how to make this time-honored, incredibly healthy, fermented dish at home. This class will be 3 hours in length and will cost $70. A quart size Mason jar and latex-free food prep gloves are included in the cost of the class. Please bring a large mixing bowl and an apron to class. Shrimp paste is used in this dish. Wearing white clothing is not recommended. We will end the class by enjoying some Kimchi Pancakes, one of the many delicious ways to enjoy it.

Guide – seafood, hands-on



Basics to Mad Skills – Sauce Class!

In each class you’ll learn some cooking vocabulary and basics. We’ll discuss all of the Mother Sauces and how they are made. By the end you’ll have developed some great new skills that will greatly expand your cooking repertoire.


Sauce Class 1 – Hollandaise, Velouté & Supreme   

Wednesday October 30th, 6-8pm  

Wednesday November 20th, 6-8pm

We’ll start with a Chicken Veloute, magically turn it into Supreme Sauce and then make a quick Hollandaise. We'll discuss the classic, longer preparation for Hollandaise as we enjoy all three of our sauces over chicken.

Guide – egg, dairy, meat, demonstration

Wine pairing - Pinot Grigio or Presage

Sauce Class 2 – Bechamel, Mornay & Pesto 

no date yet

We’ll begin with pesto, the classic basil sauce from Genoa, Italy, and its many possible variations. Then we’ll make Bechamel sauce, the base for so many things. As we turn our Bechamel into a classic cheese sauce, Mornay, we’ll also cook up some pasta to make a classical Mac and Cheese and to enjoy with our pesto.

Guide – dairy, wheat, nuts, demonstration 

Wine pairing -Artisan Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Presage




Tosca Buns

Wednesday December 18th, 1-3pm

If you like cinnamon rolls, you will love Tosca Buns. If you don’t like cinnamon rolls, you will love Tosca Buns. Using Magnus Nilsson’s recipe from his over 600-page cookbook, The Nordic Baking Book, we’ll make these classic Nordic almond flavored buns that are perfect for hygge, breakfast, lunch, dessert, midnight snacking or any other hour of the day. I’m partial to almond flavored anything so these beautiful little pastries hit all the right notes for me. With cardamom flavored dough, a sweet almond filling and a toffee and almond topping, these buns are beautiful and delicious. They also freeze well if there are any left after your family devours them as they come out of the oven.  This is a hands-on class. Please bring a rolling pin, an apron and a container to take your uneaten buns home with you. But if you want to eat them all in class, I won’t tell … or judge.

Guide – nuts, wheat, dairy, hands-on

Wine pairing - Chaddsford Red or Cabernet Sauvignon

Slovak Kiffles

Wednesday December 11th, 6-8pm 

Thursday December 12th, 1-3pm

Christmas is not complete until I make kiffles. I grew up making this Slovak traditional pastry with my Grandmother, Aunt and Mom. I’m sharing my Grandmother’s recipe with you and the techniques I’ve learned along the way. Other nearby countries (Poland, Austria, Slovenia for example) have their unique version of this pastry. There are many variations in the dough ingredients, fillings and finished pastry shape. Our gorgeous little Slovak pastries are filled with ground walnuts or apricot traditionally, and I’ll provide an almond filling as well for variety (taste tested and approved). This is a hands-on class and will probably take closer to 2 ½ hours. Please bring a rolling pin, an apron and a container to take your finished kiffles home with you. 

Guide – nuts, wheat, dairy, hands-on 

Wine pairing - Sunset Blush, Chaddsford White or The White Standard


All classes are $55 unless otherwise noted.