Fall Menu of Classes  




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All classes are 2 hours in length and cost $55 per person. 

There will be an air purifier running in the cooking studio at all times for everyone's safety. 

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Discover the Blue Zones continued

Continuing our discovery of the places on earth with the healthiest people, this season we land in Nicoya, Costa Rica and Okinawa, Japan. Both of these menus are insanely healthy and will serve as comfort food and pick me up, as well as a quick meal to maintain good health. We’ll discuss culture, history and the many factors that lead to good health in these two countries using Dan Buettner’s The Blue Zones Kitchen as our guide.


Nicoya, Costa Rica - September 30th at 6pm 

Gallo Pinto with Nixtamal Tortillas and Roasted Butternut Squash & Cinnamon Rice and Vanilla Shake

We’ll make super healthy corn tortillas and fill them with gallo pinto (rice and beans) topped with roasted Butternut squash. For “dessert” we’ll make a refreshing grain drink popular in this region.

Demonstration class with some participation welcomed in rolling dough balls for tortillas. Vegetarian and Vegan menu.


Okinawa, Japan - November 4th at 6pm

Dashi Broth, Okinawa Beans and Rice with Vegetables, Golden Milk Latte & Sweet Potato Bites

I’ve taken the liberty of importing some dashi(seaweed) for this menu, but our other ingredients will be local. We’ll make a Mushroom Dashi broth that Okinawans use to flavor other dishes as well as drink for health. Our Japanese beans and rice dish will be accompanied by some sauteed vegetables using Okinawa’s longevity ingredients. We’ll end our meal with a restorative coconut milk latte with turmeric and other healthy ingredients and Sweet Potato balls rolled in sesame seeds and chopped peanuts. 

Demonstration class with some participation welcomed in rolling the sweet potato bites into balls and coating in seeds and nuts.  Vegetarian and Vegan menu.

Let’s Eat France continued

Our regional tour of France continues with the island of Corsica off the coast of  Provence, and the Northwest coastline regions of Brittany, Normandy and Hauts de France. It was hard to choose which menu items to include for these classes because there are myriad delicious options. 


Corsica - September 16th at 6pm and September 23rd at 6pm

Fricassee de poulet aux citron, Tomates Confites with Potatoes & Canistrelli cookies

An island in the Mediterranean between France and Italy and due North of the island of Sardinia, Corsica is also the birthplace of Napoleon. This island has so many specialties, earning it 10 French AOP designations. Unfortunately many of it’s specialties are not seen anywhere but on the island. This menu, using our local ingredients, best imitates the style of cooking of the island. We’ll discuss the many specialties of the island from it’s cheeses and meats to wine, fruit and herbs. Our menu begins with some cheese with fig spread and charcuterie to enjoy while discussing the region - ooh la la, tres Corse! Our main dish is typically done with rabbit but we’re using chicken to demonstrate the cooking style and flavor profile, accompanied by the side dish of long roasted tomatoes with potatoes. For dessert, we’ll replicate the island’s famous cookie, unique due to the addition of wine or pastis. 

Demonstration class. BYO Wine selection - Provencal white or rose (Bandol) 


Normandy/Brittany/Hauts de France - October 14th at 6pm and October 21st at 6pm - update: sold out

Camembert with Warm Apples and Calvados, Coq à la Bier & Far Breton

Known for its seafood with cream sauces, butter, Gin, Calvados, apples, Cider and dark brown sugar, these regions are loaded with deliciousness. I’ve chosen three dishes to represent each area.  Normandy is known for its apple trees and apple products, such as Cider and Calvados, and its soft cheeses, most notably, Camembert. We’ll begin with a tasting of local (if available*) Camembert  topped with sauteed apples with Calvados.. Our main course is chicken cooked in beer topped with mushrooms and bacon, the Hauts de France area’s version of Coq au Vin, given that it borders Belgium. Our dessert is historic and emblematic of Brittany. This custardy “cake” will have the brazen yet equally accurate addition of apples, raisins, rum and vanilla.   

Demonstration class. BYO Wine selection - French white with crisp apple notes  OR Belgian beer

*My local Camembert supplier and farmer friend, Dan of Rabbits Run Farm, tells me the Camembert should be ready by late September or early October depending on the weather. If I can also find a good French version here, we may be able to do a side by side tasting to taste the terroir! 


Savor Fall

November 11th at 6pm and November 18th at 6pm -update: both dates sold out!

Bacon and Cheese Stuffed Pumpkin & Apple Pecan Tassies 

This menu is a seasonal spotlight on our area’s finest ingredients. Winter Luxury pumpkins are flavorful and a rare variety, only grown in our area by None Such Farm. We’ll stuff our beauty with Hershberger Heritage Farm bacon, Nord sourdough bread, cheese and a little cream. Once baked, this dish is a filling main or a side dish. For dessert we’ll take advantage of Solebury Orchard and Bedminster Orchard apples to make mini apple “pies” with a pecan crust.

Partially hands-on class to roll dough balls and press into tins for the dessert.



Slovak Kiffles

December 16th at 3pm - update: sold out

I’m sharing my Slovak heritage and Grandmother’s recipe with you for this Christmastime pastry. This is a fully hands-on class! Please bring a rolling pin and a container to take home your baked kiffles in. Sampling during class is highly encouraged. We’ll fill our pastry with the traditional walnut filling and a controversial, but family favorite, raspberry filling. 

Hands-on class.

All public classes listed above are $55 per person and 2 hours in length.

Private Group classes of 6 to 12 are also $55 per person and choose from the current season's class menu.  

To set up a Private Group Class, please email me at chefkellyunger@gmail.com