Welcome Fall 2020! 

(you're the strangest thing we've ever seen)

Due to Covid, the class schedule is limited and the number of guests for each public class is now limited to 6, to allow for distance between each guest. Private Group classes can have more than 6 in their party. Guests arriving together may sit together if you choose. Masks need to be worn, except when eating. Classes begin at 6pm and the cost is $55 per person for public and private group classes. For a customized event, please visit the Groups & Events  page. All private group classes may choose from this menu for their class as well.  If you are making up a class from the Spring, please email me to be added to the class of your choice. To sign up for the class of your choice, please click here to visit the Sign up for a Class page!

Bon Appetit! Let's have some fun!



What’s in season: apples, tomatoes, Delicata squash, Acorn squash, peppers, hot peppers, eggplant, Butternut squash, potatoes, radishes, zucchini, cucumbers, kale, red beets, carrots, scallions, string beans, ground cherries, potatoes, cabbage, broccoli, yams.


24th   Filled Pasta

Cestini, Balanzoni, Triangoli, Tortelloni, Doppio, Cappelletti, Agnolotti, Caramelle; these are all filled pasta shapes we will explore. We’ll make a beet dough and a plain dough, pick two shapes to create and fill them with green pea puree and ricotta. We’ll dress our creations in two simple sauces: a lemon, garlic, brown butter sauce and a quick fresh tomato and herb sauce.

This class is fully hands-on. Bring your rolling pin! The pasta dough is vegan, the tomato sauce is vegan and the lemon butter sauce is vegetarian.




What’s in season: apples, winter squash, eggplant, peppers, potatoes, lettuces, spinach, Napa cabbage.

1st  French Style Stuffed Pumpkin & Dorie Greenspan’s Homemade Classic Brownies

I love pumpkin any way it’s made, and I saw a stuffed pumpkin made on television with Anthony Bourdain and Daniel Boulud in Daniel’s home in Lyon, France. They stuffed a giant Cinderella pumpkin with bread and cheese and cream, then put it in an outdoor wood fired oven to bake for two hours. The process and result were something that struck a deep chord with me. I searched for an indoor oven version and …. Dorie Greenspan to the rescue! We’ll use our local Winter Luxury or Long Island Wheel of Cheese and stuff ours with the addition of bacon and balance the ingredients. The result is larger than the sum of the parts. It’s a fantastic Fall dinner or an appetizer for a crowd. While that incredible thing is baking, we’ll make Dorie’s homemade Classic Brownies. They. Are. Incredible! This menu will blow your socks off and a food coma will ensue. I promise on both accounts.

This is a demonstration class using dairy, meat and eggs.



29th   Israeli Cooking – Laffa and Pita Bread, Apple Walnut Tabbouleh, Harissa Chicken & Chickpea Brittle

We’ll peek into the cuisine of Israel with the cookbook Zahav by Chef Mike Solomonov. Mike’s laffa and pita recipe is my favorite and easy to make. We’ll make a seasonal Apple Walnut Tabbouleh (and talk about the many varieties of tabbouleh) while our dough rises as well as a Chickpea Brittle for dessert. Our Harissa Chicken will be marinating for most of the day and we’ll finish it on a cast iron grill. As our pita comes out of the oven, we’ll enjoy everything together. For those that would like to take this class but are vegetarian, I am happy to make some grilled mushrooms as an alternative to the chicken. Please let me know via email if this is your preference.  

This class is semi-hands on. You can form your pita bread and help get it into and out of the oven. The rest of the class is demonstration suitable for vegetarians and meat eaters alike.




What’s in season: radishes, collards, spinach, winter squash, fennel, sweet potatoes, beets, carrots, kale, Napa cabbage, lettuces.


12th Sweet Potato Galette, Dalgona Coffee & Maple Apple Bourbon Gooey Butter Cake

Sweet Potatoes are super nutritious and my galette is just another way to enjoy them. This dish is perfect for breakfast, lunch, or dinner and simple to prepare, with many possible variations. My Maple Apple Bourbon Gooey Butter Cake is just as it sounds, but with icing to gild the lily. It’s a Fall flavor beyond pumpkin spice, of which I am also a fan, and is an indulgence I am unable to resist. Dalgona Coffee or Whipped Coffee has been a social media sensation. It is quite delicious and also very versatile. We’ll make ours decaf and will enjoy it the way it was originally served in Korea. It’s just fun!

This is a demonstration class suitable for vegetarians.



19th Spinach Rice & Feta Pie & Sophia’s Cranberry Thanksgiving Bread

I think these dishes are the perfect vegetarian Thanksgiving option. Your meal is nearly complete with just these two but each of them are also perfect for taking to someone’s house for Fall and Winter holidays - in the future. I have been making these recipes for many, many years and have added my own spin to them, as you can imagine. There are stories behind both, and I’ll share those in class. Spinach Rice & Feta Pie is the perfect make ahead dish that is substantial enough to be the main course, it makes a delightful side dish and is amazing left over for lunch. Sophia’s Cranberry Bread is perfect as an appetizer served with cheese, a different holiday dinner breadbasket option or a breakfast companion to eggs. I’ve served it all three ways! It’s hearty, delicious and easy to make.

This is a demonstration class suitable for vegetarians.



Happy Holidays!


3rd   Ham and Cheese Bread, Salad Chaud Froid & Salty-Sweet Potato Far

Dorie Greenspan is my culinary soul sister. Two of these recipes are from her book, Around my French Table (the bread and the potato far – both come with stories), a collection of recipes that just touches my head, heart and taste buds. The Salad Chaud Froid (pronounced - show fwah) is my creation and a nice recipe to have in your back pocket. It is fancy enough for the holiday season and hopefully you will love it enough to adjust it for each season of the year. The Ham and Cheese Bread makes a lovely go-along for a lighter meal or as an excellent accompaniment to a cocktail, in the French tradition. Salty-Sweet Potato Far is the salty sister to Far Breton, a custardy cake with prunes and raisins. This version also has the prunes and raisins – so French – but adds bacon and lots of grated potatoes. I think it is elegant enough to serve for a holiday and if you are having a small gathering this year (or no gathering at all), it could be your main course with my salad. These dishes will make us feel like we are in France! They are delicious together and also give you three French classics to make anytime.

This is a demonstration class using meat, dairy and eggs.


Possible add on class if time and interest allow (also available for private groups):


My Slovak family tradition at Christmastime. Kiffles are sort of a cookie but kind of a pastry, but once you taste one you won’t feel the need to define it any further. We’ll make classic walnut and my daughter’s favorite raspberry.

This is a hands-on class using dairy and eggs. Bring your rolling pin!



Covid precautions: I am limiting the schedule to one class per week in order to provide enough time for the cooking studio to properly ventilate after each class. Disinfecting protocols will be followed after each class. Public classes are limited to 6 to provide spacing between each guest. Masks are required.

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