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Winter 2020

Menu of Classes

Each class is approximately two hours in length, costs $55, begins at 6pm except where specifically noted for special classes, but always ends with the enjoyment of what has been cooked during class. You are always welcome to bring wine with you to enjoy with your meal. To register for a class, head to the Sign Up for a Class  page or click on the class title.


January – A Health Reset!

Of course we all overindulged during the holidays and now we need to reset our menus and refrigerators with foods that focus on our long term health and wellness. While all of my classes are on the healthy side of the spectrum, these classes will take a deeper dive into the health benefits of the ingredients used. I aim to give you comfort food that is also good for you and easy to prepare. “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food” – Hippocrates. This is a philosophy I live by.  Life-Changing Foods by Anthony William and Radiant, The Cookbook by Mafalda Pinto Leite will be my sources of health information given.


Sweet Potato Mac & Cheese + Dark Chocolate Cake + Coconut Parsley Health Shot

vegetarian, nuts, demonstration

Sweet Potatoes are one of the top 11 healthiest vegetables you can eat. I look forward to sharing all of its amazing benefits during class. Suffice to say, we will combine this health powerhouse with some pasta and a healthy amount of cheese to create a health packed comfort meal. We will pair this with a vegan dark chocolate cake using antioxidant rich cocoa powder and health supercharging coconut.  We’ll also enjoy a juice shot while discussing the amazing health benefits of its ingredients.

Wednesday January 15th @ 6pm


One Pot Pasta + Apple Cranberry Crumble + Celery Cucumber Apple Health Shot

Vegetarian, demonstration

Move beyond a jar of sauce and a box of pasta as your “I don’t know what to make for dinner” pantry rescue.  First, this pasta dish is made all in one pot (of course). Second, there are many super healthy varieties and third, it takes less time to cook this one pot wonder. You’ll be keeping new vegetable staples on hand in the fridge and freezer so you can make this in a flash. We’ll start class by making a delicious, comforting, super healthy and easy dessert.  We’ll also enjoy a juice shot while discussing the amazing health benefits of its ingredients.

Thursday January 16th @ 6pm


Coconut Lime Chicken Curry + Fruit Crumble Bars

gluten-free, demonstration

This fragrant, comforting one pot dish will fill your home with amazing aromas, your family will make a bee line to the kitchen to find out what’s cooking. Warning, they will repeatedly ask “how long until dinner?” But this warming and brightening meal only takes about 25 minutes to cook. While our main course is bubbling away, we’ll make an easy dessert. If your family insists on camping out in the kitchen to wait, you can have them help you put dessert together.

Thursday January 23rd @ 6pm and Wednesday January 29th @ 6pm


Thai Curry Noodles + Matcha Chia Pudding

hands-on, peanuts as optional garnish, dairy free

Back by popular demand and always one of my favorite classes to teach, Thai Curry Noodles is also a super healthy dish as well. We’ll make our own wheat noodles using Castle Valley Mill stone ground whole wheat to go with a quick, easy, healthy and brothy chicken curry. We’ll begin class by whipping up a quick Matcha Chia Pudding so it can rest in the refrigerator while we make the rest of the meal. We’ll discuss the health benefits of matcha, chia seeds, coconut, ginger, turmeric and more. The pudding makes a delicious light dessert and also a great breakfast. It’s the perfect prep ahead dish as it lasts in the fridge for 5 days.

Thursday January 30th @ 6pm


February – Let’s travel through a cookbook!

When time and money are short, traveling in your kitchen through the eyes of a new cookbook is the next best thing. I love cookbooks that are written like a travel guide. Learning about the food people eat is one of the best ways to get to know them, their country and their culture. I’m really excited to take you to these places and talk about the cuisines.


Alpine Cooking – Recipes and Stories from Europe’s Grand Mountaintops by Meredith Erickson

Grape and Walnut Pizokel (Switzerland) and Kaiserschmarrn (Austria)

Vegetarian, nuts, demonstration

Let’s have dinner in Switzerland and dessert in Austria! I love the approach of this book – we visit four different countries of the Alpine region: France, Italy, Austria and Switzerland. It’s fun to see the overlap in cuisines and the differences. Pizokel are very much like spaetzle, but the Swiss version. Kaiserschmarn is a very Alpine dessert but comes from Austria. It’s sort of a giant pancake that is torn, flambéed, dusted with powdered sugar and served family style in the pan it is made in with plum jam. What’s not to love?

Wednesday February 5th @ 6pm 


Basque Cuisine

The Basque Kitchen by Gerald Hirigoyen and The Basque Book by Alexandra Raij

 (Spanish Pinxtos) Tutera and (French) Garbure


Before France was France and Spain was Spain, there was Basque Country and the Basques are serious foodies. To know how to eat is to know enough. – Old Basque saying. Basque country is nestled among the Pyreneese mountains, enjoys the Bay of Biscay on one side and straddles the border of France and Spain. You are familiar with Spanish Tapas I’m sure, and Pinxtos (pronounced PEEN-chos) are the Spanish Basque version of Tapas – festive bar food to simplify in American speak. We’ll make a pinxtos called Tutera, a Gratin of artichoke hearts, cheese and ham served on a slice of baguette. We’ll discuss other great pinxtos to inspire you to incorporate the spirit of eating and drinking great Spanish wine this way. Then we’ll travel to the French side of Basque country to make Garbure (pronounced GAR-byour), a soup that has its own festival and a “Brotherhood” – a society of protectors of the traditions of true garbure to ensure it is carried on (I did say the Basques are serious foodies).  The beauty of the soup is that it is eaten in all seasons and adapted to include the produce that is in season. So we’ll make the winter version with root vegetables but what always remains constant are the ham, white beans and cabbage. I encourage you to bring Campo Viejo wine to class – either Garnacha or Tempranillo – to really get into the spirit. These wines are easily found at our local wine shops (and grocery store) but I also encourage you to take a quick trip to Stockton Fine Wines, just across the bridge in Stockton, New Jersey.

Thursday February 27th @ 6pm



Around My French Table by Dorie Greenspan

Paris Mushroom Soup & Pommes Dauphinoise (potato gratin)

gluten-free, vegetarian, demonstration

Let’s go to Paris! We’ll sit in a lovely little bistro and enjoy as many ladles of Paris Mushroom Soup as we like while our decadent potato gratin cooks in the oven. French music will play in the background and you are encouraged to bring your own French wine to enjoy with our meal.

Wednesday February 19th @ 6pm



March – Entertaining!

While the weather this time of year may be dicey, we dream of Spring days, the opening of the outdoor farmers markets for fresh, local vegetables that are right around the corner. If you’re at your wits end with Winter food, let’s get through this month with some comfort food worthy of company. These menu selections are fun to prepare for a group, most can be made ahead and will wow and comfort any guests.



Soft Pretzels & Sweet Potato Chowder

Vegan, nuts, semi hands-on

Back by popular demand, soft pretzels are delicious for any occasion and can be made ahead and frozen to help you prepare for a crowd, because they are at their most delicious right out of the oven. You will roll a few soft pretzels of your own, which is the hands-on portion of the class. We’ll boil and bake them while our healthy and delicious Sweet Potato Chowder bubbles away on the stove. There may be a few carbs in this class, but they will all be healthy ones. We’ll use Castle Valley Mill stone-ground whole wheat flour for the pretzels, so you won’t have any guilt. We’ll discuss the health benefits of potatoes in addition to sweet potatoes, so you really won’t feel any guilt!

Thursday March 5th @ 6pm and Wednesday March 18th @6pm



Eggs Benedict

Semi hands-on

Let’s make English Muffins from scratch! If you enjoy the store-bought kind, WAIT until you taste these! They will knock your socks off when you eat them hot off the griddle. They are super easy to make, and you will help shape them. They freeze beautifully so you won’t have to wake up at the crack of dawn to start the dough when you have overnight guests. Then you’ll see how easy it is to poach an egg and make a quick Hollandaise sauce. Many skills in one class! It will be an extra delicious one!

Friday March 13th @ 12pm



Afternoon Tea

Semi hands-on

Whether it’s a quick cup of tea with some cookies or slices of cake or a more elaborate event with many friends, this class will celebrate the art of taking tea. We’ll discuss correct brewing and you’ll enjoy a choice of four teas from our tea menu. We’ll prepare a “three-course” tea experience – scones, a savory and a sweet. We’ll discuss the various types of scone recipes and techniques.  We’ll also make Devonshire cream to accompany ours, as well as a lovely little savory bite and a decadent cookie that you will help roll into balls. You’ll sip your choice of tea while enjoying everything we’ve made. Is there a better way to spend an afternoon? This class will last between 2 ½ to 3 hours and cost $65.

Friday March 27th @ 2pm


Crepes – Sweet & Savory

Vegetarian, demonstration

Crepes take a little practice to master and the first one you make – no matter how long you’ve been making them – will always be the ugliest (just like pancakes), but they are essentially very easy. We’ll make a vegetable crepe that would be equally delicious for breakfast, lunch or dinner with a Vegetable Velouté sauce. Then we’ll make a dessert crepe with your choice of caramel or fruit. Or both if you don’t want to choose!

Thursday March 12th @ 6pm and Thursday March 26th @ 6pm


Fondue & Quiche

Vegetarian, demonstration

Fondue is just so fun! No one makes it anymore and I can’t understand why. Your guests will light up when they hear you’ve made cheese fondue. And since the quiche we’ll be making can be served hot or warm or room temperature, you can get in on the fondue fun with them. We’ll make our own crust for the quiche. Quiche works as breakfast, lunch with a salad, as an appetizer or as dinner, making it the ideal party food. 

Wednesday March 4th @ 6pm and Thursday March 19th @ 6pm

To register for a class, head to the Sign Up for a Class page!