Fall 2022 Menu of Classes

Three new class series - Let's Eat Spain, Vegetables Around the World & Stuffed Breads Around the World!

Plus the continuation of Let's Eat France!

Who's hungry? Let's get cooking! 




Let’s Eat France continues with

Basque Country


Pintxos - anchovy, pepper, olive skewer & ham, cheese, tomato, bread skewer

Chicken Basquaise

Apple Tart  

Red Wine Cocktail  


Basques are Basques but “modern day” France and Spain have divided Basque Country nearly in half, each claiming their piece. We’ll continue our regional tour of France by focusing on French Basque Country, where French culture has definitely made its impression on the Basques in that region. This menu gives you an excellent cursory sample of the flavors of this region. We’ll begin with two pintxos, part of the Basque bar experience. Our main course - Chicken Basquaise - typifies the central flavor, simplicity and rusticity of the cuisine. Our dessert is also quintessential Basque. Basques will eat anything that involves puff pastry and most Basque desserts feature custard and puff pastry in some form. A red wine cocktail is very popular in a few forms - equal parts red wine and coke, or red wine and orange soda. So if you bring the red wine (Spanish red is recommended), I’ll have the coke and orange soda for you to try the cocktail! If you prefer, bring Stella Artois Cidre to enjoy. Basque Country is also cider country.  

Demonstration class, fish, meat and dairy used

Wine suggestion: white from Burgundy, Spanish white or chilled Stella Artois Cidre

Thursday September 29th at 6pm 

Let's Eat Spain - Andalucia

a regional tour of Spain beginning in Andalucia

Tapas: cheese, fig and honey + pan con tomate 

Rice with Chicken & Red Peppers

Bread Pudding with Sherry

Our new series exploring the regions of Spain will start in Andalucia - home to Flamenco, tapas, gazpacho, flan, sangria, sherry, ham (Iberico and Serrano), and mojama. Andalucia is the entire southern part of Spain and its coast spans the Atlantic and Mediterranean.  

Demonstration class, meat and dairy used

Wine suggestion: Spanish red or white

Thursday September 15th at 6pm and Thursday October 6th at 6pm

Vegetables Around the World - Pumpkin

A new series exploring the flavor profiles of one ingredient from cuisines around the world.

We begin with pumpkin. 

Portugal: Pumpkin and Bean Soup

Turkey: Meatballs with Pumpkin and Spice Butter

Basque Country: Pumpkin Tartlets in puff pastry

Our new series will look at one vegetable or fruit from different countries around the world. This means you’ll experience different flavor profiles of the same ingredient. It's pumpkin season and I am a huge pumpkin lover, so what better place to start. We’ll experience the flavor profiles of Portugal, Turkey and Basque Country (spanning across Spain and France)

Demonstration class, meat and dairy used

Wine suggestion: Rioja region of Spain (Tempranillo and Garnacha grapes) or white from Portugal

Thursday October 20th at 6pm and Thursday November 10th at 6pm 

Stuffed Breads Around the World - Georgia's Khachapuri

A new series looking at the various types of stuffed breads found in cuisines from around the world

Adjarian and Megrelian styles of Khachapuri & Tomato and Cucumber Salad


We’ll start this series with the country of Georgia on the Black Sea, surrounded by Turkey, Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Russia. Khachapuri is Georgia's national dish and it is a good one. There are several different regional versions and we’ll make two - Adjarian and Megrelian styles. If you love cheese and bread and working with dough, this is the class for you. You will each form one khachapuri. You’ll learn lots about this tiny, delicious country and their unusual wine. Georgia is said to be the birthplace of wine. 

Hands-on class, vegetarian class

Wine suggestion: Georgian (can now be found at our state stores in the “Other Imports” section, or go to Stockton Fine Wines for the best selection, traditional amber wine recommended).

Thursday November 17th at 6pm

A guest who needs to cancel their attendance in a class must do so no less than 5 days prior to the class to receive a refund or ticket transfer.

All class tickets listed above are $75 each (due to the rise in food prices) and classes are 2 hours in length.