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Merci beaucoup! 

Thank you for a great season!

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Welcome to the 

Winter & Spring 2024

Menu of Classes

Paris to Provence: Eating in the footsteps of the Impressionists  

Join me for a new series that is the intersection of art and food. We will eat in the footsteps of the famous Impressionists like Monet, Renoir, Cezanne, Van Gogh and Henri Toulouse-Lautrec. If you’re curious about the lives of these French foodie artists and the gourmand food they enjoyed cooking, you are in the right place! They share the title of Impressionist painter, a deep love of food and in equal measure the cultural scenes of Paris

and the light of Provence.


Henri Toulouse-Lautrec

Wild Duck (Chicken Thighs) with Carrots and Olives, Fougasse & Poires Camille 

We’ll start this series with Toulouse-Lautrec or HTL as he often signed his poster art in one of the earliest creations of a “modern” logo. We’ll start by making Fougasse, a quintessential Provencal bread, easily recognizable by its leaf-like shape. You’ll shape and stuff your mini Fougasse with ham, one of three classic fillings. Our main course is classically made with duck and is a long affair to cook. We’ll make my version with chicken thighs in a much shorter time but no less flavorful. This classic recipe contains Cognac and with the other ingredients yields such a rich and flavorful dish. Our dessert is my version of white wine and vanilla poached pears which is easier to make. I named this version after my French range. 

Thursday February 22nd at 6pm

For Gift Certificate Holders Only - Thursday February 29th at 6pm

Semi hands-on class

Let’s Eat Greece!

A taste of the diversity of Greece with four delicious and fun menus to meet many needs, Let’s Eat Greece continues!  We’ll travel from Pelion in the Northern Thessaly region to the South and the island of Cyprus, situated off the coast of Turkey, Syria and Lebanon. We’ll partake in Mezes culture and get our hands full of flour. 


Gluten free menu: Tzatziki, Drunken Pork, Russian Potato Salad, Stuffed Vegetables

Diving into Mezes culture with three diverse dishes for the gluten-free eater. Russian Potato Salad is also found on Spanish Tapas menus and this Greek version is so delicious that it makes you wonder why the name came to be. Our pork will get drunk on red wine and feature a complex flavor. Our main course will be stuffed with ground chicken, herbs and perhaps some cheese. The vegetables used will be dependent on the vegetables that show up for this snapshot in the season. 

Thursday April 25th at 6pm

Friday April 26th at 3pm 

For Gift Certificate Holders Only Thursday May 23rd at 6pm

Gluten-free, Demonstration class

Chicken Meatballs with Rice in Lemon Broth & Banana Cake

We are in Cyprus for this menu! These meatballs are made all over Greece and are traditionally made with beef, veal, lamb, pork or a combination thereof. I’m using chicken in my version to keep it healthier but also I prefer the flavor combination of chicken with lemon. The Cypriots also make their version with the addition of cilantro that other regions do not use. My version also amps up the heftiness of this dish to make it an easy main dish that doesn’t need any accompaniments to make it more compatible to our American lifestyle. Our Banana Cake dessert is so unusual and definitely not another boring banana cake. The method, flavors and ingredients make it unique to Cyprus and I’m confident you’ve never had a banana cake like this.  

Thursday March 14th at 6pm

For Gift Certificate Holders Only Thursday March 21st at 6pm

Thursday April 4th at 6pm

Demonstration class

Hands-on: Lemon Ricotta Stuffed Pasta & Ruffled Milk Pie

For those looking for more hands-on experience, this pasta with lots of Greek flavor will surely fit the bill. You will roll the pasta by hand, fill it and shape it. In between things we’ll make the Ruffled Milk Pie, a dessert that the internet was recently obsessed with. Crispy phyllo dough combined with custard to make a delightful, easy to make dish whose leftovers (should there be any) can turn into a decadent breakfast. 

Friday March 1st at 2pm

Thursday March 7th at 6pm

Hands-0n class, bring a rolling pin!


Vegetable forward menu: Mt. Pelion Cheese Bread & Leek, Spinach and Cheese Pie

Pelion is a peninsula and has beautiful mountain villages with stone houses and no shortage of beaches. It’s a little different than what you usually picture in Greece. I hope you like cheese! We’ll make Mt. Pelion Cheese Bread in its traditional coiled shape. Our main dish is from the Monasteries in the area that enjoy a vegetarian diet. We’ll combine vegetables and phyllo dough to make an easy and yummy meal. Our vegetables may change as the season lingers.

Thursday May 16th at 6pm 

Friday May 24th at 3pm

Thursday May 30th at 6pm

Semi hands-on class

A guest who needs to cancel their attendance in a class must do so no less than 5 days prior to the class to receive a refund or ticket transfer.

All class tickets listed above are $75 each and classes are 2 hours in length. 

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