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The cooking studio is currently closed for the summer.

Classes will resume in the September!

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Spring Menu of Classes

travel with me through the Mediterranean + savor Bucks County's best 

Please note; the cooking studio will still operate at 50% capacity this season. If you are vaccinated, masks are not required.

Additionally, there is an air purifier running in the cooking studio at all times.


Discover the Blue Zones

Blue Zones, a concept created about 15 years ago by National Geographic, a team of doctors and experts, like Dan Buettner, are areas/places across the world where people live the longest (100 years +) with good health, like lowest dementia and cancer rates for example.  Dan “set out to reverse-engineer a formula for longevity” (Dan Buettner, Blue Zones Kitchen). If you want to live a long, healthy life, eat like the folks in the Blue Zones! There are 5 Blue Zones across the globe – Ikaria (Greece), Sardinia (Italy), Okinawa (Japan), Nicoya (Costa Rica), and Loma Linda (California). Let me introduce you to two of these regions – Sardinia, Italy and Ikaria, Greece! We’ll discuss each area’s longevity ingredients, culture, and cook as they do. We’ll also discuss the 10 Blue Zones Food Guidelines for good health and longevity.

Akentannos! – May you live to 100!

Sardinia a gorgeous island anchored off the middle of Italy’s West coast in the Mediterranean Sea.  Brightly colored houses dot the hillsides of close-knit villages and her coastlines are rugged and wild. Sardinia has its own type of wine and its own type of pasta, fregula. Our Sardinian menu will be:

Roasted Pecorino with Walnuts and Honey – a delicious and simple appetizer that may surprise you

Fregula with Green Garlic, Mushrooms & Spinach – our main course using the ingredients of the season

Yogurt Cake – a quick and easy cake that is used for afternoon coffee, breakfast, and dessert

Thursday, April 15th at 6pm 


Ikariaa small, sun-drenched island in the Aegean Sea between Greece and Turkey. Her rocky coastline is perfect for collecting fresh sea salt. Her green hillsides produce healthy wild food, its distinctive wild honey, and gives pasture to its many sheep. Our Ikarian menu will be:

Fennel Pot Pie – fennel is the taste of Ikaria, using crispy phyllo dough, we’ll make my recipe

Longevity Salad – composed with the Ikarian flavor profile and longevity ingredients 

Coffee prepared the traditional way in a briki

Finikia (Honey Cookies) – a traditional Ikarian specialty, egg and dairy-free as well as being a guilt-free treat

Thursday, May 27th at 6pm


Let’s Eat France – a regional culinary tour through the seasons

Over the course of this multiple season series, I’ll feature Paris/Ile de France, Champagne/Lorraine/Alsace, Nord/Pas de Calais/Picardy, Normandy/Brittany, The Loire Valley/Central France, Burgundy/Franche-Comte, Lyon/Rhone Alps, Charentes/Limousin, Bordeaux/Gascony/Pays Basque, Toulousain/Auvergne, Roussillon, Languedoc/Les Cevennes, and Corsica. Since it is Spring, we’ll begin on the Mediterranean coast in Provence and Cote D’Azure. I’ll feature two menus from this region, and we’ll discuss the flavors that make this area so unique while using our own local ingredients.


Provence-Cote D’Azure - Menu #1

Tapenade with Nord's sourdough baguette and pastis

Chicken Daube Arlesienne

Chocolate Sabayon

Thursday, April 22nd at 6pm 

Provence-Cote D’Azure - Menu #2

Aioli with Nord's sourdough baguette

Provencal Pork & Vegetable Stew

Wine and Cassis Strawberries – served with Crème Fraiche and Hilda’s Butter Cookies

Thursday, April 29th at 6pm

Thursday, May 20th at 6pm




Savor Spring: Fresh Cheese, Strawberries, Rhubarb, Asparagus

We’ll celebrate the peak of Spring in Bucks County with this delicious menu. We’ll begin by making some fresh cheese! I’ll take the scary out of the process so you can impress your friends and family. We’ll enjoy our cheese first as an appetizer with herb-roasted cherry tomatoes and an olive oil drizzle on Nord sourdough baguette. Then, we’ll make a Strawberry Basil Smash with a cucumber rose garnish, that works equally well as a cocktail or mocktail. While I’m working with the cheese, you’ll make your own cucumber rose! Our main dish will be pasta with our fresh cheese, more cheese (Romano for balance), sauteed asparagus, spinach, and chives. And since you were wondering what to do with rhubarb, our dessert will be a Rhubarb & Strawberry Coulis served with my grandmother’s Butter Cookies.

Thursday, May 6th at 6pm                                       

Thursday, May 13th at 6pm 



Slovak Kiffles

My Slovak family tradition at Christmastime is to make Kiffles, a filled cookie-sized pastry. I'm adding this class to the Spring schedule because we had to cancel the December class and there is still lots of interest. We’ll make the classic walnut filling and my daughter’s favorite raspberry.

This is a hands-on class using dairy and eggs. Bring your rolling pin!

Friday, April 9th at 3pm

All public classes listed above are $55 per person and are two hours in length. Private Group classes of 6 or more are also $55 per person. Private Group classes of less than 6 guests are a higher price and depend on menu and length of class.     

To set up a Private Group Class, please email me at chefkellyunger@gmail.com