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Welcome to Fall 2023!

Menu of Classes

Let’s Eat Greece! 

Welcome to this new series of fresh, healthy, seasonal cuisine.

We’ll explore Greek cooking generally and touch on regional specialties with two menus! 


Greek Street Food - Koulouri & Bougatsa

On nearly every street in Greece’s major cities, but especially in Thessaloniki, you’ll find a cart filled with sesame rings called Koulouri. It’s like a bagel and a soft pretzel had a sesame baby. Eaten as a snack or for breakfast, Koulouri are iconic street food and a social unifyer. During this mostly hands-on class, you’ll roll, shape, and coat the koulouri dough. Then we’ll make another street food classic, Bougatsa, from the Epirus region in the northwestern part of Greece. This is a semolina custard between layers of crispy phyllo dough. This dessert will be a group project. I’ll show you how to make the custard and you can help me assemble the Bougatsa. I’ll have common accompaniments to enjoy our koulouri like feta, olives, butter, honey and jam. Then we’ll enjoy the slightly cooled Bougatsa. 

Semi hands-on class. 

Dairy, eggs, wheat and yeast used.  

Friday, September 15th at 1pm

Thursday, October 12th at 6pm

Chicken Soup Avgolemono, Greek Salad & Pumpkin Pie

Avgolemono is likely something you’ve heard about as Greek chicken soup. While this is partially true, and we’ll make it, avgolemono is more than soup. Further explanation will be supplied. Having this extremely nourishing soup in your recipe arsenal can keep you healthy during cold and flu season. We’ll also enjoy a daily vitamin on a plate - the Greek Salad - along with our meal while the ingredients are still in season. And for dessert, a delicious phyllo pastry, pumpkin filled and coiled pie. It’s simple and beautiful and like no pumpkin pie you’ve ever had, I’m guessing. This is a demonstration class but I will definitely need help filling and rolling the pastry. It’s as fun to make as it is delicious to eat!

Demonstration class with a small hands-on opportunity for volunteers. 

Chicken, eggs and dairy used.

Thursday, September 14th at 6pm

*Thursday, September 21st at 6pm for Gift Certificate Holders Only* please email me to register *

Let’s Eat France continues …

This season we are in Bordeaux and Gascony on the southeastern coast. Perhaps one of France’s oldest and most important wine regions, you will definitely want to bring wine from this region with you to class to really bring your taste buds on the full culinary journey. This region is famous for many iconic French dishes and products, like pate’, foie gras and Armagnac.


Poule au pot & Apple Pastis Gascon

We will be making the iconic Poule au pot or “chicken in a pot”. The dish and the story behind it tugs at the heartstrings of every French person and is definitely not something that many Americans are familiar with. There are many versions of the dish from “fit for the King” to basic, and we will make a version somewhere in the middle. While this dish is hearty and relatively simple, what elevates the dish for everyone who makes it is the way it is eaten. Our dessert is  fun, simple, but an iconic apple dessert using puff pastry and Armagnac. What could go wrong with those ingredients? Absolutely nothing!  

Demonstration class with some help needed for serving the main dish and assembling the dessert.

Chicken and dairy used.

Thursday, October 19th at 6pm

Thursday, October 26th at 6pm 

Indigenous Cuisine for Modern Times

Another new series this season, we’ll explore the cuisine of our Native American peoples in the Eastern half of the US. We’ll discuss the ingredients used but not limit ourselves to only these. Using current, award-winning Native American chefs as our guides, we’ll make their Native cuisine recipes that are either served in their restaurants or adapt them in a respectful way. I’ll also provide summaries of various tribe’s customs, beliefs and ingredients from the cookbooks of these Native chefs. 


Samp topped with Sage Roasted Chicken, Squash, and Sauteed Mushrooms & Pompion Pie with Apples

I literally can’t wait for you to taste this meal! It is the epitome of Fall flavors. Samp is dried corn ground coarsely, basically what we call grits. We’ll use local Castle Valley Mill Bloody Butcher Heirloom grits as our base to a symphony of Fall. For dessert, we’ll combine old and new. I’ll teach you to make a modern foolproof pie crust from scratch. Trust me, once you see how easy this crust is to make, you’ll never look back. Our filling combines two ingredients Native Americans cooked with, minus the crust, lightly sweetened only with maple syrup. I throw in a little cinnamon because, well, we’ve already got a modern crust so … This pie straddles the sweet and savory line, and it’s the third thing I love most about it. 

Demonstration class.

Chicken and dairy used. *For vegetarians, the chicken can be left our of your dish.*

Thursday, November 2nd at 6pm

Friday, November 3rd at 3pm

*Thursday, November 9th at 6pm * For Gift Certificate Holders Only * Email me to register *

Thursday, November 16th at 6pm


Christmas Pastry - Slovak Kiffles


Join me in making my Grandmother’s Slovak Kiffles, a Christmas pastry the size of a cookie. Growing up, we didn’t consider ourselves ready for Christmas until the kiffles were made. And it certainly wouldn’t be Christmas without eating them. Our Slovak version is different from our Polish, Austrian, and Slovenian friends' recipes. These all have different doughs and often are shaped differently. Our traditional Slovak fillings are apricot and walnut, separately, and that is what we will make together! This is a fully hands-on class. Please bring a rolling pin (and an apron if you mind getting powdered sugar on your clothes). Please also bring a tupperware or other large storage container to take your baked kiffles home in. While this is not a meal menu, we certainly will be eating kiffles out of the oven as the mood strikes! I certainly won’t stop you from making a meal of kiffles ;) It’s been done (maybe by me).   

Hands-on class.

Dairy, eggs and yeast used.

Thursday, November 30th at 6pm

Friday, December 1st at 1pm

Thursday, December 7th at 6pm

A guest who needs to cancel their attendance in a class must do so no less than 5 days prior to the class to receive a refund or ticket transfer.

All class tickets listed above are $75 each and classes are 2 hours in length. 

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