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Spring 2023

Menu of Classes



Let's Eat France - Burgundy/Franche-Comte' continues

Epoisse Tart with Apples & Ham, Wine Braised Chicken with Jura White Wine Cream Sauce, and Cassis Soaked Strawberries* Over Vanilla Ice Cream

We can’t leave Burgundy just yet! There are too many delicious recipes from this region. Epoisse is a special cheese of the region that is very rarely seen here and is very expensive when it is. We’ll use an equally delicious substitute. The chicken from Bresse is prized France wide. And the wise cooks in the Jura region use their wine to create a delicious dish that offer a change from their famous smoked meats. 

*Note- if strawberries are available, otherwise we’ll enjoy the Cassis on its own over vanilla ice cream.

Meat, dairy, eggs, wheat, demonstration class

April 13th Gift Certificate holders only  * 6pm

May 4th * 6pm

Return to the Blue Zones - Ikaria, Greece ​

Spring Soufiko, Spanakorizo, Black-Eyed Pea Salad with Mint and Onions & Finikia (honey cookies) 

Our local Spring bounty of fresh greens and other vegetables is the perfect time to return to the Blue Zone of Ikaria, Greece. After the Winter we all need to rebalance ourselves with fresh local vegetables. This menu is classic Ikaria, super healthy AND super delicious. Enjoy a Greek spin on familiar vegetables. While we do use wheat in the dessert, it's the only menu item that uses wheat. Someone with a gluten sensitivity could enjoy all of the other menu items.

Vegetarian, wheat, demonstration class

May 11th * 6pm

May 18th * 6pm

Hand-on Baking Class: Cheese Stuffed Indian Naan via Paris & Cream Biscuits 

This delicious cheese stuffed naan bread is so delicious it does not need to be eaten with any specific dish. Naan is sometimes stuffed with vegetables, but this cheese version is ridiculously good. This delicious dough is a joy to work with. Our biscuits are equally delicious and can be used for sweet and savory occasions. We’ll discuss all types of biscuit making skills while you learn this specific type of biscuit. And we’ll enjoy eating ours with Strawberry jam.  

Hands-on class, dairy, wheat

April 27th * 6pm 

April 28th * 3pm

May 25th gift certificate holders only * 6pm

A guest who needs to cancel their attendance in a class must do so no less than 5 days prior to the class to receive a refund or ticket transfer.

All class tickets listed above are $75 each and classes are 2 hours in length. 

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