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Three cheers for the red, white and BLUEBERRIES!

You have no doubt heard that blueberries are super healthy. Yes indeed. Wild blueberries are possibly the healthiest food on the planet. They’ve been around for millenia and have adapted to the environment countless times. Therefore, they are adaptogenic and can cure just about anything. Their cultivated cousins, while less of a healing force, are still pretty darn amazing! What do these beauties contain that make them so good for us? Well, the short list is: RICH in antioxidants, full of vitamins and minerals, high in soluble fiber, low in sugar, and finally blueberries help your body produce nitric oxide which lowers your blood pressure. Here's the link to the full "wild blueberry" article from Anthony William.

To get all of blueberries amazing health benefits, eat them raw. So you know what that means? Buy double the amount so you can eat your daily dose raw and then have berries to bake with! 

I enjoy eating blueberries out of hand and  in salad with spinach. Baking with blueberries requires a delicate hand so they don’t get squished too much. But it’s hard not to enjoy that gorgeous blue purple color they bring to baked goods. 

Here’s a collection of fantastic recipes from one of my favorite magazines, Bake from Scratch. Enjoy! 

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