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Southern Tomato Pie

We all have our favorite tomato recipes. A BLT with Nord Sourdough bread and Hershberger Heritage Farm bacon is definitely one of my favorite ways to enjoy a juicy, flavorful raw tomato. In the South, one of the ways to manage a whole mess of tomatoes is to make a Tomato Pie. Not the pizza variety. The kind of pie with a crust and baked in a ruffled edge pie dish. It’s a combination of tomatoes, cheese and mayonnaise, among other things. Southerners rarely concern themselves with calorie counts. There are a million Tomato Pie recipes to be had. I’ve included the link to Southern Living’s Heirloom Tomato Pie recipe which includes bacon, and the crust includes parmesan and buttermilk. This recipe is also clever because it has you roast the tomatoes first so that the finished pie isn’t soupy. If you’ve never tried making a good old Southern tomato pie, I highly recommend doing so and using this recipe. Save the tomato water that is created when salting the tomatoes. Add it to soup or a dressing. It has tons of flavor!

I’m also sharing the link to Martha Stewart’s collection of 15 Heirloom Tomato recipes. We all need inspiration and this collection has a nice range of different dishes you’ll want to try. My two favorites from this collection are the Bloody Mary Salad and the Ricotta Pizza. Enjoy!

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