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Shippable Holiday Gifts for the Cook - Part 3 of 4

Local food gifts that can be shipped exist! And these bring the Doylestown Farmers Market to your recipient! First up, my favorite olive oil is from Mediterranean Delicacy. Abdel brings his family farm in Tunisia to us here in this delicious product. They also sell olive wood utensils, cutting boards and salad bowls. Visit their website @ Mediterranean Delicacy.

If you're a caffeine addict like me, coffee is a crucial element to the day. Leni of Perfect Day Coffee is an expert coffee roaster with creative naming skills - Street Legal and Dark Bunny as examples. I love every roast he makes but the Guatemalan and Brazilian roasts are my favorites. I'm not a big blend fan and Leni doesn't make them often. I appreciate a single source roast so I can enjoy the nuances. Leni accurately describes all of the tasting notes as well as the bouquet when you open the bag for the very first time. I think his coffee is superior and it's the only coffee I drink. Yes, I guess you'd call that an addiction on two levels. Perfect Day is having a holiday sale too. Use coupon code 20%Holiday on all purchases! Visit Perfect Day Coffee.

Finally, I am a tea drinker as well. And there's a tea for every occasion! There's tea for pumping me up to teach class, there's tea to enjoy with a cookie, tea to boost my immunity and then there's tea to help me sleep. Barefoot Botanicals makes a hemp tea that helps me sleep like a baby. I blend my hemp tea with her tulsi basil tea, but Linda also has that blend available, and I recommend it. The basil helps improve the taste of the hemp. Just one little cup at bed time and sweet dreams are ensured. Linda at Barefoot Botanicals has lots of other products such as: spice blends, herbal hydrosols, tinctures and more. Visit Barefoot Botanicals.

Visit the Doylestown Farmers Market website here for more local gifts that can be shipped! There's tons more!

Part 4 is the last installment of this series and I'll talk about cookbooks! Stay tuned!

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