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Red (Pink) Russian Kale

I thought it would be fun to focus on this variety of kale since the Doylestown Farmers Market is all pink this month for Pine 2 Pink. Red Russian Kale has beautiful redish/pink stems and veining in the leaves. That splash of color helps make a raw salad extra appealing. This cool season green is an important and healthy member of the Brassica family, full of essential minerals and vitamins as well as crucial sulfur. Kale's tough leaves are substantial and are best sauted or added to soups. If eaten raw in a salad, a little rubbing with acid and salt with your hands helps makes them tender and more enjoyable.

This week I'm including links to a recipe collection by Martha Stewart and a raw salad recipe from Epicurious. My favorites in the Martha Stewart collection are; Kale Caesar salad with Rye Croutons (use that Nord Rye bread!), Stracciatella Soup with Kale and Lemon, and the Kale, Corn and Jalapeño Muffins. And the Epicurious recipe features one of my favorite cheat day foods - potato chips! Enjoy!

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