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Pears to the rescue!

Pears are so pretty to me. They're so sculptural. Like pumpkins, apples and lemons, I feel they deserve to be the subject of an oil painting and hung in a gallery. I never tire of looking at a pear.

Pears are an often forgotten Fall gem, which is a shame because they are superfood! Too many fried foods, table sugar, and high fat desserts can really wreak havoc on our pancreas. Fresh pears to the rescue to help rejuvenate this neglected and overworked gland. Pears can help prevent pancreatitis and pancreatic cancer. Pears are also great for gut health, feeding good bacteria and reducing pathogens such as H. Pylori which is to blame for stomach ulcers. When a pear is hard and crunchy it is high in fiber, when it is soft it is easy to digest. Pears can also prevent you from craving sweets and overeating at meals, so eat them in the morning and well before dinner.

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