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Parsley - A superfood!

Parsley is not just a garnish! Oh, no. It's so much more; pathogen fighter, full of vitamins A,C, and K, B vitamins and folic acid, trace minerals of magnesium, sulfur, iron, zinc, manganese, molybdenum, chromium, selenium, iodine, and calcium. Parsley is also an adaptogenic herb, which means that it will adapt to survive harsh conditions, and needs little care to thrive. It then passes these genetic traits on to you when you eat it. Parsley is an easy herb to grow in a container, so you'll always have it available. It also loves to hang out in a vase on your kitchen counter, like fresh flowers. It's your little kitchen bouquet! And parsley's vibrant green color will remind you of it's health benefits. Add parsley to salads, at the end of soup making for a fresh element, it can be made into a tea (perfect for bedtime), pesto, and so much more. Tabbouleh is a delicious dish that makes parsley the star of the show! Add this dish to your weekly menu rotation. Flat leaf parsley is the best kind to buy. Enjoy this little hidden gem for better health!!

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