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Melons - cooling and super healthy!

We are in the beautiful middle of melon season. We’re seeing yellow and red watermelon, cantaloupe, and canary melon at the market. These fruits are so hydrating and contain lots of healthy compounds and vitamins. So if you are someone who forgets to drink enough water, eat melons! Melons are in the cucurbita botanical family with cucumbers and pumpkins and other squashes.

Watermelon is loaded with lycopene just like tomatoes, and watermelon supports two of our body’s defense systems - angiogenesis and our DNA health. Watermelon is also antiangiogenic - so it can help starve tumors. This week I'm sharing tons of great melon recipes. There's something for everyone here! But don't think that melons are just for snacking or desserts. Melons have a savory side and I encourage you to explore that with one of these recipes. Enjoy!

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