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It's National Farmers Market Week - August 7-13, 2022

Your support of our farmers, vendors and farmers markets (especially our favorite Doylestown Farmers Market) is crucial. Here are the top 10 reasons why it matters:

1. Highest quality food - vegetables and fruit loose nutritional value when they travel, and some more than others. You are getting produce within hours of it being harvested, maximizing nutrients, freshness and flavor. That matters to your health. Produce traveling thousands of miles are greatly diminished nutritionally. Don't waste your money eating zombie produce from far away.

2. Ethical treatment of animals - meats and eggs at our market are from pasture raised animals living a natural life. This increases their overall quality, contributes to the health of the farm itself, and every dollar you spend at our market keeps dollars away from feedlots and abused animals.

3. Your overall health - the physical act of shopping outside, especially if you walked to the market, and carrying your purchases, is excellent daily movement. So if you have to park a block away, view it as exercise! Socializing at the market, listening to our live music, learning about new produce, products or farming and methods through our educational events are all positive mental health activities. Shopping here is healthy!

4. Connecting to community - meeting your neighbors and shopping for foods grown in our Foodshed connect you to where you live - physically and emotionally.

5. A healthy local economy - your dollars stay here, support your neighbors, and support this beautiful place we love calling home.

6. Small business incubator - local entrepreneurs use our market as a testing ground for their business ideas, learn how to manage and scale their business and use local ingredients/resources to do so.

7. Positive impact on our environment - less plastic and packaging waste, less fuel used, better farming practices that reduce or eliminate carbon emissions, reduction of mono cropping (large farms growing only one crop - horrible for the soil, nutrition and environment).

8. Increases access to nutritious food - our market participates in the USDA's SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program), giving access to the healthiest food for customers in need of assistance.

9. Preserving farmland - our farmers are keeping areas away from over development, keeping our beloved home green, healthy and gorgeous!

10. Keeping us here - our Doylestown Farmers Market is 47 years young and the oldest continually operating farmers market in Bucks County. Let's keep the record going for another 147! As organizers, myself, Alex and the Bucks County Foodshed Alliance love bringing the market to you. The Borough of Doylestown is also a critical partner in the operation of the market. We appreciate their support immensely.

What do farmers markets mean to you?

Use #LoveMyMarket on your social media.

visit our website @ Doylestown Farmers Market

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