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Cocktail -Thai Red Dragon

Thanks D'Vash Organics for asking me to create a recipe with your delicious date syrups. I chose a cocktail recipe because I feel like life today requires one. And I chose to use their Cayenne Date Nectar because it instantly reminded me of the Thai hot and sweet flavor profile I love so much. I am also growing Thai Red Dragon chilies and the beautiful bite of the cayenne date syrup speaks the same language. Thai flavors also include lime and ginger, among others, so I've included those delicious flavors to balance the drink. I purchase my D'Vash products from Amazon since they are sometimes hard to find at the grocery store. D'Vash has a delicious line of Date syrups you should try. And I'll be creating more recipes to introduce you to this yummy, healthy sweetener. Cheers!

Thai Red Dragon Cocktail

makes 2 cocktails

2 ozs vodka

1 1/2 teaspoons D'Vash Cayenne Date Nectar

1 lime

1 - 6.8 oz bottle of ginger beer (I like Fever Tree)

garnish - nasturtium flower and Thai Red Dragon Chili (optional)

2 rocks glasses


In a small glass, stir together vodka and cayenne date nectar to dissolve. Zest half the lime into the glass. Slice two lime wheels and set aside. Juice the remaining lime in the glass and stir to combine all ingredients. Fill two rocks glasses with ice. Pour vodka mixture evenly into each glass and top with evenly with ginger beer. Rub the rim of each glass with the juiced lime. Garnish with lime wheel, Thai Red Dragon Chili and nasturtium flower (optional). Cheers!

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