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Christmas Cookies!!! part one

Updated: Dec 6, 2023

December 4th was National Cookie Day! How fun. Here are 15 Fun Facts about cookies for your belated celebration.

As Christmas approaches, let's go on a cookie journey! There are so many different categories of cookies, from Drop and Bar cookies, to Slice and Bake, Cutouts and Sandwich cookies, and finally Specialty cookies. I also like Martha Stewart’s classification of cookies in her book Matha Stewart’s Cookies in which she categorizes cookies by mood. What kind of cookie do you feel like eating? Soft and Chewy, Light and Crispy, or Dense and Nutty to name a few chapter categories.

Drop cookies and Bar cookies are recipes like Chocolate Chip, Oatmeal Raisin, Brownies etc. Here's a fun one to try, a thumbprint that mixes all my favorite things - sweet and salty, pretzels and caramel;

My Christmas all-time favorite, must have, love with a passion - Gingerbread. Gingerbread everything - cake, cookies, spices in coffee, decorations, and on and on. I love gingerbread! My favorite gingerbread cookie recipe comes from Our State North Carolina magazine. This is the one I make every year.

A word on molasses - get the unsulfured kind, sulfur is used as a preservative. You don’t need that preservative. But because you are buying unsulfured you will need to store any opened jar in the refrigerator. 

I like my gingerbread thick, soft and pillowy so I roll out my dough on the thicker side. But if you prefer yours crispy, just roll it out thinner.

Now let’s talk about Cocktail Cookies! What are cocktail cookies? Savory cookies to be served with your Christmas cocktail. The easiest kind to make are shortbread based. These are also easy to make and make ahead and technically in the slice and bake category of cookie. You can switch out flavors easily. Make the base dough, roll into a log, refrigerate, then slice and bake - two categories in one; Slice and Bake and Cocktail! I  love the sandy texture and cheesy flavor of this savory cookie. It’s so festive when it’s handmade! Impress your guests with this super easy make ahead and slice and bake just beore the guests arrive so your house smells like cheese!

Also fun to try, easy to make and fun to serve or gift is this collection of Festive Barks And Brittles For Holiday Gift-Giving .



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