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Learn to Cook - Level 1

Intro to French Cooking - Galette

Learn about curry and other spices

Proper knife skills are essential

Mise en place

Baking basics

Level one - Learn to Cook - classes are designed for the beginner. You will learn the basics: proper knife skills, roasting, baking,  sautéing and more. We will discuss ingredients, their health benefits and explore cuisines. You will leave each class feeling confident to repeat the recipe(s) you've learned and gain valuable cooking knowledge to be applied to other recipes. With a series of classes you will transform yourself into someone who can cook.  


Here is the list of classes being offered from September through December, 2018.  To sign up for a class, please visit the Sign Up for a Class page, find your class and register and pay online. To ask questions, please email me at or call 215-260-7325. Each class requires a minimum of 6 people to be held and can accommodate a maximum of 12.  

Roasted Chicken Tacos

Wednesday, September 19, 6-8pm

This is a hands on class. You will learn how easy it is make your own corn tortillas and the basics of roasting chicken breasts. We'll assemble these ingredients with vegetables and herbs to make a delicious and versatile meal you'll want to repeat frequently.  

Intro to Curry – Coconut Lime Chicken Curry 

Wednesday September 26, 6-8pm
This one pot dish is a Thai style curry. This class will focus on knife skills. We will discuss various types of curries and the differences between them.



Wednesday October 3 and 24,  6-8pm  

Friday October 5, 11am-1pm

In this ingredient focused class we will roast a fresh pumpkin. From there we will make pumpkin puree for delicious and healthy pumpkin muffins. You'll also learn the basic building blocks of soup making while we create another delicious, healthy, comforting and versatile recipe for Pumpkin soup.

Intro to Pie - Chicken Pot Pie 

Wednesday November 28th, 6-8pm

We'll make chicken pot pie two ways. We'll roast chicken breasts, learn the basics of stew and end with two different versions of this delicious comfort food. 

Intro to French Cooking – French Apple Tart 

Wednesday October 10, 6-8pm  

Wednesday Nov. 7, 6-8pm 

What could be more iconic or seasonal than a French Apple Tart? You'll learn to make Pate Sucree, a skill and recipe you will use time and time again. You'll be excited to wow your family and friends with this delicious dish for the upcoming holidays.  

Intro to French Cooking – Poached Chicken and Galettes 

Thursday Nov. 15, 6-8pm

We'll take the scary out of French cooking terms and break down a key technique - poaching. You'll also learn what a Galette is and why this versatile dish needs to be in your repertoire!

Holiday Appetizer – Walnut Tartlets with Cranberry and Brie  

Friday Nov. 2 11am-1pm

Wednesday December 5, 11am-1pm 

This versatile tartlet will serve you well. We will fill this delicious appetizer with holiday appropriate flavors and discuss ways to use this recipe for other seasons. You'll also learn to make a basic cranberry sauce (plus variations) that will ruin you for anything found in a can.

Holiday Vegan for Everybody: Chocolate Cranberry Thumbprint Cookies

Whether you are vegan or want to make something special for a vegan family member, this festive and delicious cookie will bring a smile to every one's face.

Wednesday  December 12, 11am-1pm

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