Group Classes

2 Ways to Have a Group Class

You have a group of friends, club or team and you'd like to take a class together. I can reserve a class day and you can choose the menu from the current schedule of classes. The class time will be two hours and the cost is $55 per person. Everyone must register and pay for their seat ahead of the class. Please call or email me to arrange this.


2 Your group/company/organization is looking for a great way to team build, a creative way to host your holiday party or a special event. I will work with you to design an event to suit your needs and event theme. Everything can be customized for you. The general time frame for an event class is three hours and the price is $65 per person. Please call or email me to arrange this.


email or call 215-260-7325

The minimum number of guests for each class is 6 and the maximum is 12.

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