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Be a Better Cook - Level 2

If you are a foodie, already love to cook or looking to take your skills to the next level, these level 2 classes are for you. In every class, though, we will review some basics and proper knife skills. We will explore techniques, demystify terms, discuss ingredients and explore cuisines.  Every class needs a minimum of 6 people to be held and can accommodate a maximum of 12.


Here is the list of classes being offered from September to December, 2018. To sign up for a class, please visit the Sign Up for a Class page, find your class, register and pay online. To ask questions, email me at or call 215-260-7325.

Technique + Cookbook Series – Onions Etcetera: Onion Bialys, Sweet Onion and Apple Jam, Poached Egg

The bialy is the bagel's little known, and some say more delicious, cousin. We'll crack open local cookbook authors Kate and Guy's delicious book celebrating all things allium. While we wait for the dough to rise, we'll make their multiple use jam that will become your next "secret ingredient". To top off our meal, we'll make poached eggs while reviewing proper technique. 

Thursday  September 20, 6-8pm 

Friday  September 21, 11am-1pm

Vegan for Everybody: Red Lentil Curry and Naan Bread

This class briefly touches on vegan cooking ingredients and is perfect for those who have a vegan family member or friend to cook for and those who are starting out on a vegan lifestyle and need some help with their recipe repertoire to enjoy the journey. A more in depth dive into vegan ingredients and recipes can be found in the Holiday Vegan for Everybody class (see below).

Thursday  September 27, 6-8pm

Friday  September 28, 6-8pm 

Techniques (hands on) – Pot Stickers

Everyone loves them, now you'll know how to make them. Using locally stone ground wheat for our dough, we'll fill our healthy potstickers with deliciously spiced ground chicken. In this class everyone will get their hands full of flour in the cutting, filling and shaping portion of this labor intensive recipe process.

Thursday  October 4, 6-8pm


Technique + Cookbook Series (hands on) – Onions Etcetera: Pierogi

Another fantastic and fun recipe from local cookbook authors, Kate and Guy. This is a hands on class so you'll be rolling out dough, filling and shaping as well as sharing in the making of the dough.    

Thursday  October 11, 6-8pm

Thursday  October 18, 6-8pm

Friday  October 19, 11am-1pm

Ingredient Focus + Pumpkin: Gingered Pumpkin Custards and Double Pumpkin Pasta Sauce

This class gives a sweet and savory view of pumpkin. We'll roast a pumpkin and make our own puree to use for the class recipes. A more elevated way to make pumpkin "pie", these individual, ginger forward custards are perfect for those avoiding gluten. Then we'll use fresh pasta from LoRe and create a velvety sauce using two forms of pumpkin. We'll discuss the various types of pumpkin, best uses for each and health benefits.  

Thursday  October 25, 6-8pm

Friday  October 26, 11am-1pm


Holiday Vegan for Everybody: Vegetable Pot Pie and Cashew Milk Rolls

This class is perfect for those who will be cooking for the holidays and have vegan family members or friends joining you and those who are vegan and want to expand your bread repertoire. This roll recipe is so good that I only make the vegan version now. We'll discuss vegan ingredients and easy substitutions to convert your recipes. 

Thursday  November 1, 6-8pm

French Cooking + Cookbook Series – A Kitchen In France: Potato Pie with Comte Cheese and Madeleines

One of my favorite cookbooks, A Kitchen in France is a quintessential seasonal, farm to table lifestyle journal of recipes, with the bonus of being set in Medoc, France. Comte' is my favorite cheese and this potato pie is the epitome of comfort food.  We'll also have an in depth discussion about the Madeleine, their "life span" and the variations in recipes while we make them. 

Thursday  November 8, 6-8pm

Friday  November 9, 11am-1pm


French Cooking + Cookbook Series – A Kitchen In France: Chou Farci and Gougeres

The French version of stuffed cabbage, Chou Farci makes quite an impression at the table and can be the main course at lunch or a side dish at dinner. Gougeres are something every Francophile should have in their recipe repertoire. They're perfect for happy hour or to greet your guests any time of day.  

will be rescheduled


Techniques + Southern Cooking: Biscuits and Sausage Gravy

I am very happy when my hands are working with biscuit dough. I'll share my favorite recipe and techniques for this Southern staple. Then we'll make yin to the biscuit yang - sausage gravy. Our version will be slightly "healthier" but equally delicious. This is Southern comfort food at it's core. Because this biscuit dough can be made up to 5 days ahead, it's perfect for Christmas morning or anytime you have a crowd. But they can be baked off in smaller increments over the course of a week so you can enjoy them right out of the oven.

Thursday  November 29, 6-8pm

Friday  November 30, 11am-1pm

Technique + Christmas Pastry (hands on) - Kiffles

My Christmas present to you, I'm sharing my Grandmother's recipe for our Slovak Christmas staple. These beautiful pastries are so delicious and can filled with a variety of fruit and nut mixtures. You will be part of making this recipe every step of the way. Since it is a labor intensive endeavor, it's perfect for families to make together. 

Thursday  December 6, 11am-1pm

Thursday  December 13, 6pm-8pm

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